Restarting Sydney’s Heart, Light Rail The Engine of Change


Restarting Sydney’s Heart

Light Rail the Engine of Change

Sydney’s ‘Olympic Corridor’ is at the very heart of Sydney’s metropolitan area and will connect major event spaces, regional parks and cities, rail stations and new centers alongside the Parramatta River.

The Corridor connects the Greater Parramatta area with Camellia, Olympic Park, Rhodes and Strathfield. A proposed light rail connection through The Corridor creates the opportunity to add an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 dwellings in NSW which will accommodate almost a fifth of required infill and a third of all new jobs in Western Sydney by 2036.

A light rail through The Corridor presents a unique opportunity for government and private sector to work collaboratively together to deliver infrastructure, jobs and homes for NSW.

In this report we present the land re-use opportunity available through The Corridor and introduce the idea of the private sector ‘Paying It Forward’ and funding the delivery of key infrastructure through Voluntary Planning Arrangement mechanisms.

Restarting Sydney’s Heart: Light Rail the Engine of Change
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