How big data and collaboration can improve road user experience


How big data and collaboration can improve road user experience

The case for evidence-based decision making

Data alone isn’t enough to impact change. It’s the trifecta of technology, data and analytics that have the power to create innovative change. Take a look at how Deloitte and Google have teamed up to provide greater insight on emerging patterns, trends and the associated impact on the transport industry.

The impact of data is powerful. When combined with a deep and robust analysis, data is more significant and informative than ever. To establish patterns, gain competitive advantage and solve problems, data analytics has the power to evoke inspiration and innovation.

It’s exciting to see the Public and Private transport industry demonstrating the ability to harness the power of big data to improve road safety, resolve congestion and improve business efficiencies.

But what if the impact could be greater? How could the application of insights and collaboration be extended even further, to progress our understanding of the transport network and the businesses that use it?

Putting data in the driver’s seat

There is recognition from transport leaders and industry bodies that there’s still a lot of art and not nearly enough science behind the numbers, forecasts and trends across the transport landscape.

By overlaying data with an economic and solutions focused lens – the outcome is that transport organisations can equip themselves with evidence of why an incident or issue is occurring and what improvements could be made.

A spotlight on scenarios

The power of how data and analytics can help decision making across the transport network, really come to life when applied to day to day events.

The insights enable organisations to go from a reactive to a pro-active position when faced with making a decision.

Our three hypothetical case studies in the guide: What’s driving congestion? put safety, investment prioritisation and logistics under the spotlight – by asking:

How can we make our roads safer? – looking at both a granular and bird’s eye view of the network.

What is the best approach to prioritise investments for major road projects? – exploring ideas around what a roadmap of options might look like to solve this issue.

How do I improve customer satisfaction with delivery times? – delving into analytics and ideas for a logistics focused organisation.

Ready to accelerate?

With comprehensive data from Google, combined with Deloitte’s applied analytics, strategy and consulting expertise – your journey to evidence-based decision making starts now.

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