Contestability: A new era in service delivery reform



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While cost reduction is a key desired outcome of contestability and service delivery reform, it is only one component. At the core of contestability is the idea that services, and the assets supporting them, exist to help people and society. The final outcome must always be couched with empathy for the end user and a strong grasp of the service the government is seeking to provide.


A new era in service delivery reform

At a time when governments are looking for alternate service delivery models, there has arisen a myriad of ‘contestability’ terms and nomenclature which has caused confusion around the understanding of contestability.

This report unpacks the jargon and identifies some possible challenges or issues and their implications to help prioritise the most appropriate option(s), whilst ensuring a central focus remains on the client experience and outcomes. 

Contestability: A new era in service delivery reform

Contestability in Human Services

Committed to the right solution

Recognising and adapting to the inherent tension between a market-based approach and the motivations of not-for-profit and other community organisations has been central to a number of success stories within the sector however, more needs to be done.

In this report, we explore how different forms of contestability can be used to drive outcomes, in particular through use of payment by outcomes, such as Social Benefit Bonds. In addition, we look at the structure of the human services sector in Australia, the role of government in sector development, and what can be done to further develop the sector in remote and under-served areas.

Contestability in Human Services: Committed to the right solution

Contestability in Urban Transport

Committed to the right solution

An effective and efficient urban transport network is essential to the economic prosperity and social well-being of our cities. The process of contestability helps ensure governments can achieve the best mobility outcomes for their citizens at the best possible price.

In this report, we look at contestability as a continuous process whereby government contracting and delivery agencies need to seize windows of opportunity to re-examine and evolve their service delivery models to achieve better service people-focused outcomes.

Contestability in Urban Transport: Committed to the right solution

Learn more about how Deloitte is committed to delivering the right solutions throughout the contestability lifecycle.

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