Global Transportation Trends 2022-23


Global Transportation Trends 2022-23

Making the most of the transportation ecosystem

Transportation plays a fundamental role in supporting economic growth, creating jobs, and connecting people to essential services such as health care or education. Explore 5 trends that address the challenges facing transportation as it potentially enters the next era of exponential growth.

The transportation ecosystem, globally, is at crossroads.

We see progress in some areas, even as new concerns emerge due to the COVID-19 pandemic and growing concerns over climate change and environmental sustainability.

Technology continues to be pivotal in modernising our transportation systems, but many traditional challenges continue to act as a brake on progress in the sector.

Download the report to unpack the 5 global trends impacting the transport sector this year:

  1. Creating sustainable funding mechanisms for transportation: Develop, test and scale sustainable alternatives to fuel taxes, encouraging government agency transparency to build public trust.
  2. Electric Vehicles (EV) in a generational shift in mobility: Build solutions to the charging infrastructure problem and address the potential talent shortage in the EV industry.
  3. Modernising transportation systems in an inclusive, equitable way: Adopt an equity-centred approach to invest and design transportation systems, including underserved and marginalised communities in project planning processes.
  4. Making transportation networks more resilient: Bolster transportation system’s resilience to cyber and climate-related threats.
  5. Turbocharging digital and technological innovation: Forge better systems to scale digital innovations with the transportation industry.

Published: December 2022

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