Global trends for community services in Western Australia


Global trends for community services in Western Australia

July 2017

Established on 1 July, the Department of Communities (DoC) consolidates a range of State Government human and social services. This is a significant step for Western Australia, representing the beginning of a complex process to ensure a more holistic and co-ordinated delivery of services to individuals, families and communities, particularly in regional and remote areas.

Globally, there has been a move away from the traditional “client / department” relationship, to a more empowering model in which clients make their own choices and determine the services that best suit their needs. This shift away from a “one size fits all” view of the client will incentivise providers to continue to provide the best services they can in the most efficient way, in an ever more competitive market.

There are five key global trends in community services that we need to consider in Western Australia.

Global trends for community services in WA
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