Tech Trends 2022: A government perspective


Tech Trends 2022: Peering through the lens of government

A government perspective on 2022’s emerging technology trends

The technologies that enhance our organisations and our lives are more powerful (and more essential) than ever before. Forward-thinking organisations, including governments, understand the technological forces surrounding them and are always looking for ways to harness them for the benefit of citizens and constituents alike.

Technology trends in government for 2022

This report provides a government-centric lens on Deloitte's Tech Trends 2022 report, spotlighting the emerging and accelerating technology trends that we are most likely going to see causing disruption in the next 18-24 months.

The piece explores which technology trends are most relevant for government, as well as how ready governments are to take full advantage of them.


Tech Trends 2022

Peering through the lens of government

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Data-sharing made easy

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Cloud goes vertical

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Blockchain: Ready for business

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Cyber AI: Real defence

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IT, disrupt thyself: Automating at scale

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The tech stack goes physical

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Field notes from the future

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Published: February 2022

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