To code or not to code…is that the education question?


To code or not to code?

Is that the education question

While ‘coding’ and ‘everyone should learn to code’ are catchphrases of our digital age, both fail to capture the essence and challenge of adapting to a society infused with rapidly evolving digital technology.

If we pull apart these phrases and explore the motivations behind them we soon discover that our true goal should be to ensure that the next generation is digitally competent.

Coding to the rescue?

We all need to be armed with the attitudes and behaviours that enable them to bricolage solutions using digital and non-digital tools when working in their chosen profession. This may require coding, but often it will not.

The important unanswered question is then: what does this synthesis look like in particular domains, and how might we teach it?

To code or not to code, is that the question?

Clarity on coding

Centre for the Edge and Geelong Grammar School decided to collaborate on a project to pull these concepts apart and help obtain some clarity.

Late in 2016 we convened a national series of symposia under the Chatham House Rule – with open discussions where the community could share points of view and opinions, and find common ground.

Explore our findings within our report – To code or not to code, is that the question? 

To code or not to code, is that the question?

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