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The true value of rail

Deloitte report for the Australasian Railway Association

Australia is the most intensive user of road freight in the world and has the least energy efficient road passenger transport among members of the International Energy Association. International experience suggests that increased use of rail will be vital to meeting transport – and emissions challenges - as Australia’s population and urban population densities, increase.

This report, written for the Australasian Railway Association, seeks to identify and quantify, where possible, the benefits from rail transport that are not captured in prices and which accrue to the community at large. These benefits include: improved land use and urban densification; lower carbon emissions; reduced congestion; fewer accidents; removing barriers to social inclusion; improving land values; and enhanced energy security.

It also investigates the level and type of investments needed to help rail achieve its potential and compares these to the benefits that could flow from increased rail use.

The true value of rail
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