Western Australian State Government Agency Amalgamations


Western Australian State Government Agency Amalgamations - Part 4

The technology dimension of amalgamations

Following the election of the McGowan Government in March 2017, a sweeping program of public sector renewal is underway. Concurrent to Machinery of Government changes, a number of reviews have been commissioned to drive public sector reform. Technology will be an essential dimension of this reform.

All of the reform and review work to date has recognised the importance of technology in delivering public sector renewal. The Service Priority Review Interim Report, released in August 2017, highlights that technology will play a central role in enabling the sector to do its job more efficiently, and in delivering better services through digital transformation. In the current economic climate however, the report also highlighted that the upfront investment needed for transformation will likely need to be funded through revised priorities, rather than new sources of funding. Consequently, it must be a priority to unlock the financial benefits of the Machinery of Government changes, to create opportunities to invest in digital government transformation.

The path to successful technology integration will need to balance early value creation with sustained benefits of reform. Following on from our series on the people dimensions of reform, this article identifies the critical success factors for technology integration.

Western Australian State Government Agency Amalgamations - Part 4
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