What’s happening in education around the world?


What’s happening in education around the world?

In today’s globalised and connected world, it has never been more important to have a finger on what’s happening in education internationally. To help you stay abreast, we’ve selected the latest and greatest insights and thought leadership from our teams of Deloitte education experts around the world.

Pathways to the university presidency: The future of higher education leadership (Deloitte University Press)
The dynamics of higher education in America today are driving the demand for a new set of skills and capabilities for tomorrow’s leaders. Learn how the role of college president is being transformed, the reasons behind these changes, and what the future implications may be for universities.

Success by design: Improving outcomes in American higher education (Deloitte University Press)
The path to college graduation is more uncertain than ever: Nearly one-third of undergraduates leave after their first year, and many require six years to complete their studies. What’s behind these trends? What steps can colleges and universities take to more effectively support their students?

2016 Digital Education Survey (Deloitte Global)
Digital transformation is impacting the education ecosystem, both inside and outside of the classroom. Find out how in our global Digital Education Survey report.

After the bell rings: Digital education outside the classroom (Deloitte UK)
With the help of digital transformation, meaningful learning that typically takes place in the classroom can now occur just about anywhere. Read this report to find out three key strategies for enhancing the adoption of digital education outside the class.

Seven Principles for effective change management: sustaining stakeholder commitment in higher education (Deloitte US)
Maintaining stakeholder education is critical when going through change. Read this report and learn about the seven principles critical to implementing an effective change management initiative in your higher education institution.

Seven global key challenges faced by universities and their leadership teams (Deloitte UK)
The higher education industry is changing rapidly and the status quo is being challenged. This piece of Deloitte research identifies seven key challenges facing the sector, ranging from increasing consumer expectations to workforce attraction and retention.

Five key trends affecting the education sector (Deloitte UK)
The higher education sector continues to face significant challenges that not only require it to review its operations, but its product portfolio, to drive continued customer-centricity and ongoing profitability. A leading panel of higher education specialists, including Deloitte’s Julie Mercer, Head of Global Industry and Lead for Education, explored the upcoming challenges facing universities. Discover the five key trends that emerged.

How do today’s students use mobiles? (Deloitte UK)
A survey from Deloitte in the UK shows just how integral mobiles have become in our daily lives, with a particular impact among 18-24 year olds. Digital strategists in higher education take note: one of your key markets differs considerably from the wider population in the mobile devices they own, how they use them and their appetite for mobile interactivity.

2016/17 Higher Education Finance Directors Survey (Deloitte UK)
Deloitte UK, in partnership with Universities UK, surveyed senior finance leaders across education to find out their investment plans for 2016/17. Read the resulting Investing to Compete to find out what they said.

Higher education futures podcast: Challenges ahead for the UK higher education sector (Deloitte UK)
The UK higher education sector remains a global leader, generating over £30 billion annually for the UK economy. However, to retain this position it must address a number of growing challenges to become financially sustainable and customer centric. This podcast explores the possible changes over the coming years, and how choices made now will affect the future of the UK higher education sector.

The journey to education’s digital transformation: Education: a global view (Deloitte UK)
The higher education industry continues to make progress on its digital transformation journey. But with cost reduction a growing priority, financial concerns could yet get in the way of its digital aspirations. Read this report and find out how Higher education providers can create balance in pursuit of digital maturity.

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