What’s happening in education around the world?


What’s happening in education around the world?

Explore the latest education sector insights, research and trends from across Deloitte’s global network.

COVID-19 planning scenarios for higher education: The world remade - strategies for resilient leaders

What might the higher education sector look like after the crisis passes, and what will it take for colleges and universities to thrive in a world remade? Explore four possible scenarios for how the higher education sector might evolve over the next three to five years.
Deloitte Insights, 2020

COVID-19 impact on higher education: Confronting financial challenges facing colleges and universities

The coronavirus pandemic has upended business as usual for colleges and universities. Not only have campuses shifted to remote learning almost overnight, but institutions are also suddenly grappling with grave financial challenges as the domestic and global economies may now face what looks to be a major recession.
Deloitte US, 2020

COVID-19 and the student experience: Four principles for technology resilience

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it significant challenges and a huge social and economic impact across all sectors and all geographies. Universities have been forced to think quickly about the impact on student recruitment; staff and student wellbeing; teaching and research arrangements; ceremonies and events; and the provision of support to students at home and abroad. This article explores four areas where – based on discussions and works with higher education institutions globally – we believe universities can respond quickly to strengthen their technology resilience at this difficult time.
Deloitte UK, 2020

Planning and executing reopening of colleges and universities: Considerations for higher education leaders during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted significant disruption to the global higher education ecosystem, unleashing significant uncertainty regarding its near- and longer-term future. A network of institutions that serves roughly 200 million students and employs well over 50 million people in what has historically been primarily an on-site campus environment has abruptly been transformed into an enterprise requiring remote learning and remote work.
Deloitte US, 2020

COVID-19 and impacts on the higher education sector: Building resilience

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Higher Education Institutions will be acute – but what factors will drive that impact, and what actions does the sector need to consider?
Deloitte UK, 2020

Tertiary Talk: Privacy law and higher education institutions

For tertiary education institutions (TEIs) the topic of data privacy has in recent years moved from an obscure to a more common discussion. In 2020 privacy measures in New Zealand are becoming more formalised due to increasing legislative obligations, including the introduction of mandatory breach reporting. This article looks at privacy at TEIs, examples of where breaches have occurred and what New Zealand TEIs should look for with respect to managing privacy risks.breaches have occurred and what New Zealand TEIs should look for with respect to managing privacy risks.
Deloitte NZ, 2020

Closing the employability skills gap: The answer is simpler than you may think

 Advances in AI, cognitive computing, and automation mean employers should equip workers with more than technical skills. Skills such as creativity, leadership, and critical thinking might be more important than ever.
Deloitte Insights, 2020

Toward student-centricity: Revamping Indian higher education for the future of work

Today’s learner is evolving and seeks a change from traditional teaching methods. It’s time for Indian educators to become student-centric and revisit their leadership, mindset, and pedagogical approaches for better education delivery.
Deloitte Insights, 2020

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