What’s happening in education around the world?


What’s happening in education around the world?

In today’s globalised and connected world, it has never been more important to have a finger on what’s happening in the education sector globally.

Shifting a system: The Reimagine Learning network and how to tackle persistent problems
Some problems are simply too big for any one organization. One solution: a network of like-minded leaders working toward a common goal. Reimagine Learning, taking on systemic education issues, offers a successful model.
Deloitte Insights, 2019

Student success by design supplemental report: Five high-impact, low-cost ideas for college leaders
How can colleges and universities prioritize student success? Here are five high-impact, low-cost strategies academic leaders can use to improve student retention and graduation rates.
Deloitte Insights, 2019

Seven principles for effective change management
What can colleges and universities do to be able to deliver more desirable outcomes? Seven principles can enable effective change management and improve an institution’s odds of realising the envisioned benefits.
Deloitte New Zealand, 2019

Higher education for a changing world
We surveyed 4000 Australian workers to ask them how the higher education sector can positively support a 100 year life.
Deloitte Australia, 2018

The future of public higher education: Five new models for state university success
How can US state universities meet growing demands for relevance even as they face a funding squeeze? Here are five innovative ways that stakeholders can collaborate to deliver an effective yet affordable educational experience.
Deloitte Insights, 2018

Closing the talent gap: Five ways government and business can team up to reskill workers
​Employers often find it difficult to find workers with the right skills. Here’s how federal and state governments can collaborate with the business community to upskill the workforce.
Deloitte Insights, 2018

Elevating cybersecurity on the higher education leadership agenda
Universities are a frequent target for cyberattacks because of the sensitive data their IT systems often house combined with the vulnerabilities that come with an open-access culture. Successful higher education cybersecurity requires communication between the IT department and institutional leaders, so they can be more effective in preventing attacks and bouncing back after an incident occurs.
Deloitte US, 2018

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