Transforming patient communication through artificial intelligence

The Hospital Of The Future

The future of health care delivery may look quite different than the hospital of today. Rapidly evolving technologies, along with demographic and economic changes, are expected to alter hospitals worldwide. A growing number of inpatient health care services are already being pushed to home and outpatient ambulatory facilities. However, many complex and very ill patients will continue to need acute inpatient services.

With aging infrastructure in some countries and increased demand for more beds in others, hospital executives and governments should consider rethinking how to optimize inpatient and outpatient settings and integrate digital technologies into traditional hospital services to truly create a health system without walls.

The hospital of the future

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Every day, artificial intelligence solutions break new ground in supporting clinicians with the patient experience. Advances in machine learning, cognitive processing, and natural language solutions enable a new horizon of clinician support to be realised.

However, AI has a broader application beyond clinician support. Transforming service operations within our hospitals is a critical component of transforming patient care. Here at Deloitte we’re proud to help drive this change through developing AI enabled tools such as DeloitteASSIST - transforming the way that patients and nurses communicate.

Voice activated health care: Ready for prime time?

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What is DeloitteASSIST?

DeloitteASSIST is an AI enabled patient communication solution enabling patients to request assistance without the need to press a button. Simply by speaking their request, nurses are alerted to their need, with AI prioritising and smart-routing requests to the right resource to meet the patient’s needs.

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Deloitte and ServiceNow are working together to help organisations to improve customer experience. John Donahoe, Global CEO at ServiceNow, talks about how they are collaborating with Deloitte on DeloitteASSIST, using technology to enhance the responsiveness to patient needs and to allow doctors and nurses to better serve their patients

Hear how ServiceNow is collaborating with Deloitte on DeloitteASSIST

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How does it work?

DeloitteASSIST reimagines the patient assistance journey by facilitating data-rich communication pathways between the nurse and the patient. It provides the following key benefits:

Supports positive patient outcomes: DeloitteASSIST provides immediate response to patients, confirming they have been heard and that a nurse is on their way.  Patients also have the ability to access FAQs, without a nurse required.

Released time for nurses to care: Nurses can spend around a quarter of their time completing tasks that are not critical patient care activities. DeloitteASSIST changes nursing working processes by using AI to eliminate unnecessary activities.

Improved patient experiences: DeloitteASSIST supports patients in getting access to the support they need in a timely manner. It helps nurses to prioritise, and provide a supportive environment for recovery. DeloitteASSIST also connects patients with entertainment services and can enable smart controls of the patient environment (for example lights, T V, blinds – if connected and smart enabled).

Using the most recent advancements in technology, DeloitteASSIST combines the capabilities of speech recognition, natural language processing and artificial intelligence to transform the way we care for patients.

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