Transforming citizen experience

Government recognises the need for intuitive, accessible, modern engagement with citizens, but constrained budgets, ageing legacy systems, and limited resources pose significant barriers to change. Now and in the future, governments will be required to respond to fast-changing conditions, policies, regulations and constituent needs, often without the benefit of time spent updating systems and technologies Fortunately, there is now a way to accelerate digital transformation for government with leading, configurable solutions that can help reduce risk, expedite delivery, and elevate the citizen experience.

GovConnect suite of solutions

A suite of solutions and accelerators designed specifically for government, GovConnect integrates with a government’s existing systems and provides a wide range of functionality. It is powered with advanced data analytics capabilities to enable leaders to see and manage data helping them make decisions to support their policies, communication strategies, workforces and citizens.

GovConnect contains reusable functional and technical framework components such as communications hubs, nudge engines, document generation, gamification, and data collection, that can be leveraged across applications to increase operational efficiency. It lifts barriers to transformation by jumpstarting projects to replace or augment legacy systems with ready-to-configure packages. Existing GovConnect assets on Salesforce include:

GovConnect Powered by Salesforce
  • Case management
  • Services management
  • Benefits management
  • Financial management
  • Logistics management
  • Staff management.

GovConnect core component frameworks

GovConnect core component frameworks are prepackaged accelerators built on the Salesforce platform that provide base application functionality common to local, state, and federal agencies. These components are designed to easily integrate with the business functions of an application and provide a modern, consistent user experience through human-centered design.

Features include a business rules engine, communications hub, inbox, document generation, electronic signature, events, data collection, and nudge engine.

Contact us to learn how GovConnect’s core components can help:

  • Achieve faster implementation with pre-packaged and pre-tested frameworks native to Salesforce
  • Create a modern, streamlined user experience through Lightning layouts and pages
  • Lower development and maintenance costs when frameworks are reused throughout the application
  • Provide agility to meet new requirements by enabling additional frameworks as needed
  • Complete more efficient integrations with business-specific functions through configurable setup
  • Support greater interagency collaboration when frameworks are leveraged across agencies.

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