REflexions - Issue 2


REflexions - Issue 2

Real Estate - October 2015

Information, insight, enlightenment, or even prosaically news, come in many ways and forms. Some is best imparted in figures, some in words, some in sights and sounds. In many respects, no medium is complete without the others. In this edition of REflexions we have sought to put together a balance of all these elements; you will find statistics in the form of the Deloitte Property Index for 2015, you will find a blending of styles in the look at Spanish real estate from a macro-economic perspective which could also have been a look at Spanish macro-economics from a real estate perspective with equally intriguing conclusions.

This is followed by an update on BEPS from a real estate perspective. We have a refreshing look at European real estate through the eyes of Asian investors and a thought provoking piece focusing on the broader and “softer” role of real estate in the socio-economic fabric of society. Thought provoking indeed. Changing perspectives, we also look at the other side of the Atlantic this time, when examining the transformation of the Canadian retail landscape. The drivers shaping the future of work, also from a real estate view, is another topic we dedicated our attention to. We round the whole off with our latest investment managers and asset servicers sectoral survey.

REflexions - Issue 2 - October 2015

In this issue

  • Spain
    Spotlight on the real estate market
  • Capital flows from Asia into European real estate
  • Future of work
    Real estate - Enabler or constraint?
  • Deloitte Property Index 2015 - Overview of European residential markets
    Residential property prices increase
  • BEPS implications for the real estate investment industry
    What is on the horizon?
  • Deloitte 2015 European real estate investment management survey
    Forecast? Mostly sunny, with scattered clouds
  • The Canadien perspective
    Retail landscape transformation

Published: December 2017

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