REflexions - Issue 4


REflexions - Issue 4

Real Estate - October 2016

Change comes in many ways and forms. Sometimes we strongly drive it, sometimes we are just the audience. Regardless of the source, whether it is technology, regulatory or economy causing the transformation, we need to take a strong stand and react in a confident way.

In this edition of REflexions we have sought to put together a balance of all these elements. This is one of those moments when leaders need to show the way. How do we deal with a landscape that is changing rapidly? We also must look at the other side of the Atlantic when examining the transformation of the retail landscape.

You cannot make intelligent investments within your organization unless you understand where the entire industry is heading. In a fascinating and thoughtprovoking conversation with Brian K. Davis, Chief Financial Officer of the Brookfield Property Group, we asked about investment strategies, opportunities, and the hot topic of the Year - Brexit.

REflexions - Issue 4 - October 2016

In this issue

  • Leadership in a changing landscape
  • The Long Goodbye
    UK investment in Brexit’s wake
  • Is the real estate industry equipped to face the prevailing market and IT challenges?
  • B - REIF
    The new Belgian recipe for Real Estate funds
  • Tax in a Time of Uncertainty
  • Smart buildings
    How IoT technology aims to add value for commercial real estate companies

Published: December 2017

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