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REflexions magazine

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REflexions is a bi-annual digest, dedicated to the real estate investment management professionals, which brings you the latest articles, news and market developments from Deloitte’s professionals and clients.

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REflexion Issue 6, November 2017

  • Focus on real estate debt
    Interview with Anthony Shayle, Head of Real Estate Debt EMEA, UBS Asset Management
  • Brexit and the real estate market
    A new tax operating model?
  • How Europeans live and what it costs them
    Is renting a dwelling a profitable investment?
  • The MLI and the share deal
  • Infrastructure in Australia
    Interview with Damien Frawley, Chief Executive at QIC
REflexions - Issue 6 - April 2015

REflexion Issue 5, May 2017

  • The 2017 real estate outlook in the United States
    Cautious optimism
  • Future-proofing real estate
    An insight into the potential use of blockchain in real estate funds
  • How BEPS will affect cross-border real estate investment
  • A game changer in real estate and area development?
    Shared and self-driving cars
  • When geopolitical uncertainty meets the digital revolution
  • A positive outlook for Spain’s shopping center segment
    Retail therapy
REflexion - Issue 5 - May 2017

REflexion Issue 4, October 2016

This edition includes the following articles:

  • Leadership in a changing landscape
  • The Long Goodbye
    UK investment in Brexit’s wake
  • Is the real estate industry equipped to face the prevailing market and IT challenges?
  • B-REIF
    The new Belgian recipe for Real Estate funds
  • Tax in a Time of Uncertainty
  • Smart buildings
    How IoT technology aims to add value for commercial real estate companies


REflexion - Issue 4 - October 2016

REflexions Issue 3, April 2016

This edition includes the following articles:

  • Exploring new shores
    Ardian Real Estate in the spotlight
  • The Italian real estate market
    The road to recovery
  • Continental shift
    The continuing evolution of the European investment market
  • New alternative investment vehicles rising
    Exploring RAIF and ICAV
  • Commercial Real Estate Redefined
    How the nexus of technology advancements and consumer behavior will disrupt the industry
  • Opportunities ahead
    Interview with Ismael Clemente of Merlin Properties
REflexions - Issue 3 - April 2016

REflexions Issue 2, October 2015

This edition includes the following articles:

  • Spain
    Spotlight on the real estate market
  • Capital flows from Asia into European real estate
  • Future of work
    Real estate - Enabler or constraint?
  • Deloitte Property Index 2015 - Overview of European residential markets
    Residential property prices increase
  • BEPS implications for the real estate investment industry
    What is on the horizon?
  • Deloitte 2015 European real estate investment management survey
    Forecast? Mostly sunny, with scattered clouds
  • The Canadien perspective
    Retail landscape transformation
REflexions - Issue 2 - October 2015

REflexions Issue 1, April 2015

This edition includes the following articles:

  • The UK real estate market in the spotlight
    What will 2015 bring about?
  • The real estate investment management industry
    Looking ahead
  • Risk management in real estate
    What keeps real estate managers up at night?
  • Wind of change
    Towards a mainstream-like operating model for the real estate industry
  • The new way to sell alternative investment funds
  • The real estate investment industry in the face of BEPS
    Potential impacts, opportunities and threats

Published: December 2017

REflexions - Issue 1 - April 2015
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