CEO Board Risk Management Survey 2018


CEO Board Risk Management Survey 2018

Illuminating a path forward on strategic risk

This survey of 400 CEOs and board members explores strategic risks in four areas that we believe are most critical to understand in today’s marketplace.

Managing risk is a critical facet of the roles of CEOs and board members. This is particularly true in today’s environment of ongoing disruption, innovation, and technological change. Increasing disruption leads to greater risks—which become greater still because they’re intertwined and interconnected. And because these risks don’t occur in isolation, addressing them in silos can be an exercise in both frustration and futility.

Among all the risks that senior executives manage and board members oversee, strategic risks can pose the most significant threats as these risks can undermine the organisation’s ability to implement strategy and achieve performance goals. They can also cause major damage in a matter of weeks, days, or even seconds. What’s more, investments in tools and technology aren’t enough to “solve” strategic risks—unless leadership fully understands and embraces them.

In the face of these daunting challenges, how can leaders become more confident in their risk management capabilities? Deloitte surveyed 200 CEOs and 200 board members in organisations of more than $1 billion to find out. Our survey explores strategic risks in four areas that we believe are most critical to understand in today’s marketplace.

Published: January 2019

CEO Board Risk Management Survey 2018

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