Deloitte Australian Privacy Index 2017


Deloitte Australian Privacy Index 2017

Trust starts from within

In a data driven economy, organisations need to build trust with their employees as ultimately, employees are the guardians of an organisation’s data.

In this third annual assessment of privacy practices on brands both listed on the ASX 100 as well as non-listed, Deloitte found that there is a disconnect between what an organisation thinks it is doing versus what staff believe is actually occurring when it comes to protecting data and honouring customer privacy.

The key themes identified include:

  • Privacy and data protection are not seen as inhibitors to innovation or customer experience
  • Organisations believe they can do more to protect information about customers and employees
  • Compliance stands out as the main driver behind current privacy and data protection practices, ahead of building trust with customers.

Download the 2017 report to understand how your organisation can better manage your privacy risks.

Deloitte Australian Privacy Index 2017

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