Deloitte Australian Privacy Index 2021


Deloitte Australian Privacy Index 2021

Seeing beyond the surface: The future of privacy in Australia

This year, we analysed brands by assessing their privacy policies for cookie use and transparency around Artificial Intelligence (AI). We also surveyed our leading consumer serving clients to understand their concerns over any future introduction of the right to erasure. We combined these findings with selected findings from more than 1000 Australian consumers, as well as sector level breach and complaints data published by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).

The digital acceleration that has occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic leaves no doubt about the importance of privacy laws in protecting us online. As the Attorney General reviews the Australian privacy law, this digital acceleration has brought the future of privacy, in technology and in individual rights, to the forefront of industry consciousness across sector.

Our Index this year focuses on three areas that will be key considerations for the future of privacy in Australia:

  • The potential introduction of the right to erasure,
  • The increased use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across society, and
  • The role of privacy within targeted online advertising.
Deloitte Australian Privacy Index 2021

Our results demonstrate that consumers are aware and concerned about the use of their personal information for targeted online advertising and by AI, but also that they would like more control over their information through the right to erasure.

We have made the insights highlighted in this report available to the Attorney General to support their review of the Privacy Act 1988 (cth). We hope these insights will support this review, to enable the future Australian privacy legislation to better address consumer concerns, and meet consumer expectations, across our increasingly digitised economy.

Australians demanding more control over their personal information

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Artificial Intelligence

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Targeted advertising online

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Each year the Index focuses on a different privacy element and as such should not be treated as a like for like comparison. Rather it should be seen as a holistic view of each industry’s privacy posture across each year’s Index focus area. For example, the Retail sector had leading practices around consent (the focus of 2020’s Index) as compared to other industries, but ranked in the middle with regards to application privacy (2019’s focus) and the future of privacy (this year’s focus).

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