Deloitte Australian Privacy Index 2021


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Deloitte Australia Privacy Index 2022

In this year’s Index, we explore how transparency can increase consumers’ willingness to share data, the uses of online information and location data consumers are uncomfortable with and what value, if any, consumers place on personalisation. This is compared with the practices of leading consumer brands in the Australian market to determine whether brands are meeting these consumer expectations around their personal information.

The amount of information created and copied globally continues to grow and is forecast to increase for many years to come. The COVID-19 pandemic expedited this growth as we moved to learning, working, and entertaining from home. Unfortunately, accompanying this growth has been an increase in associated ‘creepy’ uses of information. Through the rise of online behavioural monitoring, brands now have access to even more data about their customers. They can act on this information through the personalisation of offers, online experiences and use of advertising tools provided by the likes of big technology corporations and social media.

Deloitte Australian Privacy Index 2022

As a result, in this Index we found that:

  • Greater transparency from brands about the use of information increased consumer’s willingness to share their personal information.
  • Majority of brands appear to conduct some form of online tracking and monitoring even though the majority of consumers are uncomfortable with this.
  • A significant proportion of consumers can see value in personalisation but only a limited number are happy with the personalisation experiences they receive.

Our results indicate the importance consumers are placing on transparency as a
foundational element of being comfortable sharing their personal information with organisations. 

Australians demanding more control over their personal information 

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Transparency and sharing of information

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Online surveillance and use of location information

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Personalised online experiences

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How does your industry rank?

 Each year the Privacy Index focuses on a different privacy element and, as such, should not be treated as a like for like comparison. The comparison of industries is based on the analysis of how they perform in relation to this year’s topic. The rankings provide a holistic view of each industry’s privacy posture across each of the focus areas from previous Index editions. For example, the Retail sector had leading consent practices (as of 2020) but performed poorly in surveillance, and online personalisation (as on 2022).  
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