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Forensic Foresight

Insights from Australian Forensic practice

For more than 16 years, the Australian Forensic practice has assisted clients globally in protecting their reputations, reducing losses and improving their focus on misconduct prevention strategies. Forensic Foresight is a Deloitte publication that provides articles from our own forensic practitioners on topical subjects in the market.

Latest edition

The Missing Link – Forensic Responses in the Health Sector

This article discusses how the rigour and intensity of a forensic response to these incidents can assist organisations address issues such as conduct risk and procurement, assess the root cause of misconduct and protect their assets and reputation.

AML/CTF compliance: observations from our independent review work

Money laundering and terrorism financing (ML/TF) risk is a pressing issue for many institutions as regulatory expectations continue to grow as a result of changes to legislation and increasing regulatory focus. 

Monitoring conduct in financial markets

We discuss the regulatory framework for monitoring and surveillance of communications, outlining the essential elements for a program and what you need to consider throughout a program’s lifecycle to ensure it remains effective.

Deferred Prosecution Agreements: are they the next step for Australia

Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPAs) are a powerful tool in the arsenal of corporate crime regulators in the US and UK, and they could be coming to Australia soon. If you work in compliance, legal or internal investigations at a corporate, this article tells you what you need to know about DPAs, and how they could affect your work and organisation.

Expert witness update

This article provides an overview of the key changes and explores the guidance provided in relation to instructing and communicating with experts

Trade sanctions update

This article summarises some of the recent key changes to international trade sanctions, which involve Myanmar, Cote d’Ivoire, Russia, Ukraine, Iran and Burundi. The article also provides an update on a recent OFAC enforcement action

Combatting money laundering in the superannuation sector

 This article summarises the three key activities that reporting entities should undertake to ensure the threats and risks identified in the AUSTRAC’s ML/TF Risk Assessment for the superannuation sector (SSRA)  are assessed and mitigated.

Thought leadership for the emerging whistleblower environment

The Australian financial sector is the subject of a highly politicised debate, in which its critics accuse it of inappropriate business practices and of failing to properly address whistleblowers’ allegations. This article analyses the current regulatory environment concerning whistleblower protection and discusses potential changes.

Previous editions

Chris Noble’s reflections on the changing nature of the Forensic landscape

Chris Noble, the Deloitte Forensic Lead Partner in Australia, introduces this edition by reflecting on the changing nature of the Forensic landscape and how the practice is changing to assist our clients in navigating ‘wicked’ problems and keep up with stakeholder expectations. 

The impact of the Panama Papers

Since the initial leak in April this year, the Panama Papers have continued to be a global hot topic in the financial crime space. We have brought together our global leaders to bring you a briefing paper outlining the key reputational and regulatory risks for financial institutions, suggested response options and challenges you may face in implementation. You could read more about this and our predictions around the regulatory response.

An update on key changes to trade sanctions and compliance

Still on hot financial crime topics, there has recently been significant media attention on the changes to sanctions against Iran, Russia and Cuba. We have distilled these changes and compared what they mean for the United States, Europe and Australia. Read more about how you may be affected and what we can do to assist.

The latest financial crime trends

Given the increased focus on Financial Crime, you may be considering how to “future proof” your organisation’s prevention, detection and response programs. Terri Clementson, a Director and Financial Crime specialist in our Forensic team, discusses what you can do, the challenges you may face and highlights the critical role risk and compliance professionals pay in the implementation and effectiveness of these programs. 

Business impacts of cyberattacks

Cyber security, once a buzz word, is increasingly being taken more seriously by leaders due the wide reaching impacts of breaches, in what can be a very short space of time. Our cyber security and forensic teams have joined forces to bring to life the impacts of a cyberattack in the global report “Beneath the surface of a cyberattack”. To explore this, and read more about how recovery may be more time consuming, complex and costly than imagined, access the full article.

What the new false accounting offences mean for your business

You may be aware of new false accounting offences that were introduced earlier this year, but do you know how this change affects your organisation? This article summarises the changes and provides practical steps you can take to address these changes, including how Deloitte can assist.

Spotlight on supply chain crises

With supply chains becoming larger and more complex; the impact of an upstream or downstream crisis can be catastrophic to your organisation’s workforce, brand and reputation. Read more about this and what you can do to minimise your organisations risk in the full article.

‘Crisis of Confidence’, the results of our latest board survey

In conjunction with Forbes Insights, we present the results of our latest board member survey, which focused on crisis response and management. To find out what you can do today to be more resilient tomorrow, read the full article.

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