Hot topics facing organisations in IT internal audit, Risk


Hot topics facing organisations in IT internal audit

Planning ahead

Deloitte surveyed Heads of IT Internal audit at 22 global organisations in Q4 2012.

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In late 2012, Deloitte’s UK practice performed a survey of 22 global Financial Services organisations to identify key themes and topics which they see as their top IT risks for 2013.

While rankings and priorities in the market in Australia may vary to some degree, the issues are consistent.

This is also true of what we have seen across industries outside FSI – the same issues, but some changing emphasis regarding priority.

Our brief report captures these insights across 10 areas.

We found that ‘Third-Party Management’, now features as the hottest topic for 2013, indicating a greater acknowledgement of the increased prevalence of outsourcing within institutions and the continued regulatory focus in this area.

The continued rise of ‘Data Governance & Quality’ is also significant, with institutions and regulators continuing to focus on this area.

‘Resilience’ is also hot following both the recent consumer-impacting issues in UK Financial Services organisations which prompted censure by the regulators and natural disasters such as ‘Superstorm Sandy’ in the US.

‘Cloud Computing’ makes its entry for the first time with many Financial Services organisations using, or considering adoption of cloud-based solutions, albeit with caution and often adopting in-house solutions at present.

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Hot topics facing organisations in IT internal audit

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