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Revalue Risk

Reputation is the bedrock of every organisation, but it can be made or broken with astonishing speed! As a result, we are seeing a renewed recognition of the economic power of reputation. And the message is clear – reputation is no longer just the responsibility of the C-suite, it’s a priority for everyone from the board down.

At Deloitte, our purpose is to make an impact on our clients, our community, and our people. For Risk Advisory, an important part of our purpose is to help our clients recognise the value-creating potential risk management has to unlock their own growth.

Our biggest client victories are often the silent ones – the ones avoided or prevented through proactive management. And yet in the market, we see that risk is overlooked as a competitive advantage. In changing the market perception and viewing risk as a strategic driver, we can shift the conversation from one of compliance to one that creates and protects value – from being reactive to being proactive.

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Risk in the reputation economy

In part one of our Risk Advisory series, we explore key insights on a number of the prevalent issues in the reputation economy and we talk about why it’s important to drive a risk-intelligent culture.

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What else can you look forward to in the wider series?

In the coming months, we will launch our point of view on three priority themes:

  • Privacy and identity
  • Financial crime
  • The cost of regulation
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    Risk Advisory

    Realise the worth of risk by building your organisation’s capacity to act against near or looming threats.

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    Adopting an intelligence-led approach to managing cyber risk is key to building cyber resilience. By identifying the relevant, current and emerging threats to your organisation, you can proactively identify and mitigate incoming attacks.

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    Deloitte believes in being secure, vigilant, and resilient - not only by looking at how to prevent and respond to attacks, but at how to manage cyber risk in a way that allows you to unleash new opportunities. Learn about the cyber risk services we offer.

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