The perseverance of resilient leadership


The perseverance of resilient leadership: Sustaining impact on the road to Thrive

Building trust with courageous leadership

A global perspective:

In a recent perspective written by our Global CEO Punit Renjen, he believes resilient leaders amid COVID-19 and other societal challenges, must sustain their people, organisations, and society—as well as maintaining own ability to lead—so that we can endure the long road ahead and build trust among all stakeholders.

“A few months ago, we imagined “thriving” as leading our organisations to a better normal after the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet our responsibilities as leaders now are further compounded by concurrent challenges of racial injustices, climate change, and economic uncertainties. Getting to “Thrive” appears more arduous and lengthier than many of us imagined … or hoped for.”

A local perspective:

Organisations and leaders have an opportunity during this recovery period to go beyond just getting back to normal. It is our belief that leading organisations will seize the opportunity that this crisis has presented to reinvent their business and create new sources of advantage in what will inevitably be a ‘new normal’.

We have created a report locally with the objective to equip business leaders with questions to consider as they prepare their reinvention strategies and playbook.  Business leaders have the opportunity to shape a new path for their organisations – reinventing for the future and positioning to create meaningful and measurable impact for their customers, employees, stakeholders, and society.

Access the Australian report now: Reinvent to thrive.

Published: October 2020

The perseverance of resilient leadership

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