10 questions you should be asking


10 questions you should be asking

To embrace risk and lead confidently in a volatile world

Whether it’s a value-destroying crisis, a shift in industry dynamics, or a brand threat, uncertainty comes in many shapes, sizes, and impacts. Leaders who view uncertainty and risk more broadly than just compliance will anticipate better, seize opportunities, and emerge stronger. From inviting in devil’s advocates to war gaming, there are many ways to prepare—even if you don’t know exactly what’s around the corner.

10 questions

Looming threats. Big bets. Emerging trends.

To succeed in today's world, leaders have to welcome and embrace uncertainty.

High-stakes uncertainty can take many forms. It can be a crisis around the corner, a major acquisition down the road, or an actual industry disruption.

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Manage risk. Emerge more resilient.

In an uncertain and complex world, Deloitte can help you survive strategic risks and major crisis events. By developing risk intelligent strategies and investing in the right capabilities, organisations can drastically reduce the impact of risks while continuing to grow and succeed.

Strategic risk services

Strategic risks have the potential to disrupt business strategy and threaten the very survival of your organisation. But they can also offer great opportunities to achieve competitive advantage and build resilience. Our risk and crisis specialists, equipped with leading-edge tools and services, can help you spot, assess, manage, and prepare for risks and critical events that have the potential to upend your enterprise’s business strategy.

Crisis management

The next crisis that could threaten your organisation many already be taking shape, putting your reputation and business at risk. Deloitte’s resilience and disaster management services can help your organisation respond to and recover from major crisis events. We can help you go into any crisis prepared—and come out strong.

Brand and reputation management

The most resilient brands embrace uncertainty. They recognise that purposeful responses go a long way in helping to bounce back after brand events—and that preparation gives leaders the confidence that their program can weather a storm. Our experienced leaders, combined with the full breadth of our capabilities, can help your organisation sense threats, seize opportunities, and shape perceptions.

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    Take a look at the products and services we offer.

    Cyber Intelligence Centre

    Deloitte’s Cyber Intelligence Centre integrates state-of-the-art technology with industry insight to provide round-the-clock business-focused operational security.

    Risk Advisory

    Realise the worth of risk by building your organisation’s capacity to act against near or looming threats.

    Privacy and Data protection services

    The balance of maximising commercial opportunities with the ethical use of personal information is an increasingly emerging challenge for organisations. How is your organisation defining its “creepy line”?

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