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Contract risk

Factual, accurate and recoverable

Our team of contract risk specialists help our clients deliver improved business performance with demonstrable results in their contract arrangements.

Contracts are a fundamental part of all industries, with organisations outsourcing parts of their value chain, building alliances, establishing critical supplier relationships and licencing intellectual property to generate value.

In this environment, organisations are challenged to understand how they can ensure the negotiated value from contractual relationships is realised.

Our team of contract risk specialists help our clients deliver improved business performance with demonstrable results in their contract arrangements.

We can help manage the risks embedded within supplier contracts, address oversight, transparency of operations and billings and compliance to contractual terms through:

  • Amplifying the risks that are overlooked through detailed and expert analysis to provide clients insight into their contractual risk exposures
  • Demystifying the risk impact by demonstrating compliance shortfalls that are factual, accurate and recoverable
  • Anticipating contract risks that need coverage or improved contract management.

Our solutions include:

Supplier Management

Develop and implement supplier controls and process improvement for managing relationships, outcomes, behaviours, and risks that arise after a contract is operating. Assist parties reach agreement prior to dispute resolution.

Revenue Realisation

Realise the value from commercial arrangements through confirmation of commercial accuracy, payment controls and proper application of metrics for third party generated revenue.  Includes rebates, licensing, leases, intellectual property, resellers, royalties and services.

Third Party Frameworks

Design and implement frameworks to effectively manage third party relationships across a business including compliance with appropriate statutory and regulatory requirements.

Software Licence Compliance

Conduct reviews on behalf of software vendors across their customer base for compliance to licensing requirements.

Commercial Change

Manage complex risks and exposures that impact a business when changing agreements, suppliers or major business changes such as restructuring, acquisition or changes to operating models.

Cost Optimisation

Improve supplier relationships by confirming accuracy of charges and performance against commercial terms. Establish the fact base to recover overcharges and design and/or implement controls to manage future third party cost.

Software Management

Increase the value an organisation realises from all of its software including cloud solutions. Reduce the likelihood of unplanned payments to vendors.  Includes SAM Managed services, cloud conversion, change impact, baseline health checks. 

SAM Academy

Training experienced commercial software asset management professionals on all facets of licensing from the procurement and implementation to decommission servers and products. We focus on IT management, IT operations and software contract management.  

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