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Control self-assessment

A web-based control self-assessment system

Control self-assessment is a tool that assists in the assessment and reporting of the effectiveness of controls implemented in an organisation. Control self-assessment has been developed to enable organisations to effectively and efficiently manage their CSA activities.

What does it do?

Each control activity is assigned to a control activity assessor and an independent control activity reviewer to rate the effectiveness of each control activity and track any required improvement plans. The system enables flexible reporting based on the significance weightings assigned, to be generated at either the overall organisation level, control category, control process or for specific business units.

Who is it for?

Deloitte’s Control self-assessment is for any organisation which is looking to manage report and assess the effectiveness of the controls it has implemented for compliance activities.

What benefits does it offer?
  • User Friendly: Easy navigation and workflow functionality based on user roles
  • Scalable and flexible: Ability to adapt to an organisations changing business requirements – e.g. adding/modifying business cycles, control activities and user access
  • Readily accessible: Secured web based system that is managed by Deloitte, accessible via the internet
  • Integrated control assessment, improvement and reporting system: Ability for staff to assess control activities, develop improvement plans and review, consolidate and analyse results on a real time basis
  • Culture: Assists organisations to promote a culture of on-going self-assessment and continual improvement of its control activities
  • Accurate reporting: Accurate reporting on the effectiveness of the organisations risk and control framework 
  • Efficient and cost effective: Low cost system implementation and maintenance.

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