Control transformation


Control transformation

Confidence through streamlining complexity

Find the right balance between control and risk to stay agile and competitive.

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Tougher competition, changing business conditions and the pressure to do more with less force organisations to be more efficient.

Boards and CEOs face demands to improve margins and reduce costs, while CFOs and audit committees must maintain appropriate controls.

Many organisations don’t know where to focus their controls and fail to establish appropriate processes for their business needs. Too many controls bury a business in red tape and wasted effort; having too few creates significant risk – to brand, margins and critical assets.

However, organisations cannot create controls to anticipate every possible mishap. Trying to build such coverage makes an organisation captive to manual processes that are time-intensive and costly.

Deloitte’s risk, control and technology specialists work with you to make sure they you the right controls, understand their impact and can rely on them to manage your risks.

Organisational level solutions
We offer services across controls intelligence, optimisation, model development, culture, self-assessment and policy governance.

Process level solutions
Our team devise process controls transformation, process risk, controls design, process controls diagnostics and controls dashboard.

Audit and review tools
We provide continuous controls monitoring, continuous audit, lean audit and value stream mapping.

Tailored channel solutions
Our solutions involve deep controls audit and finance function effectiveness.

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