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Cyber everywhere. Go anywhere.

In an increasingly digital world, cyber brings new opportunities and threats. Our Cyber Risk services help clients address those threats to build smarter, faster, more connected futures. Using human insight, technological innovation, and comprehensive solutions, we manage cyber everywhere so society—and your organisation—can go anywhere.

Evolve securely in a dynamic, digital world

Effective cyber risk management gives business leaders confidence to take full advantage of technological opportunities. And greater confidence can enable your company to realise innovation-powered growth while evolving securely.

Whether working with market-leading companies, groundbreaking start-ups, or national governments, Deloitte is a trusted partner that:

  • Helps clients drive the world forward with our depth of technical knowledge, breadth of industry expertise, and business acumen
  • Drives innovation and invests in emerging technologies, ensuring we’re equipped with the right tools for current and future challenges
  • Offers a comprehensive suite of cyber solutions to address end-to-end client needs

We work with clients to solve complex problems; drive progress in a dynamic, digital world; and build more confident futures—for business, for people, and for the planet.

Cyber risk services

As a worldwide leader in cyber strategy consulting and cyber intelligence, Deloitte offers a fully customisable suite of cyber solutions and managed services. With a commitment to technological innovation and broad industry expertise, our Deloitte global network gives us the insight and experience to face any scenario.

Capabilities in Asia Pacific

Deloitte ranked No.1

Deloitte has been ranked No. 1 globally by Gartner in Security Consulting Services for eleven consecutive years. Forrester has also recognised Deloitte as a market leader for managed security services, cyber incident response services and cloud security services.



A global network of Cyber Intelligence Centres

As cyber threats evolve and become more complex, many business leaders recognise they can’t manage the challenge alone. That’s why Deloitte member firms provide a global network of more than 30 Cyber Intelligence Centres (CICs) that operate around the clock, 365 days of the year.

Our distributed approach allows for flexibility and customisation of our services in each local market to address client and industry specific requirements, while aligning to a standard global blueprint. In addition to allowing flexibility in the local service offering, the ability to adhere to specific regional compliance obligations is also enhanced.

Our CIC solutions include:

A trusted partner and thought leader

Deloitte Cyber Risk has led the way—in practice and in thought leadership—through every era of cyber risk, from compliance to resilience to complexity. Learn more about:

  • Our Deloitte Insights articles on cyber risk management 
  • Innovation and research from member firms
  • Case studies that demonstrate the value we provide to clients
  • Recognition from the marketplace on our leadership in security consulting services

Why Deloitte

Our heritage, built on deep technology expertise, broad industry experience, and a comprehensive suite of solutions, covers every aspect of cyber risk management. In addition, we:

  • Push the boundaries of cybersecurity risk strategy and create new avenues for innovation by partnering with global leaders
  • Develop new knowledge for cyber risk and upscale the industry by cultivating best-in-class expertise
  • Strengthen cyber risk standards for organizations worldwide by investing in cutting-edge technology
  • Make a bigger impact on our client’s operations to drive progress by offering a comprehensive suite of solutions across strategy, implementation, and managed services

As new technologies emerge and connectivity increases, Deloitte Cyber Risk is uniquely positioned to help our clients navigate this complex and uncertain landscape.

Cyber everywhere

Cyber Incident Response

Recognised as a leader in Cyber incident response by Forrester, Deloitte provides incident response and forensics as a stand alone capability, and as an integrated capability that complements our Threat Analysis and Attack Detection service.

Deloitte takes a holistic approach to incident response with cyber incident responses specialists complemented by specialist capabilities such as crisis management, malware analysis, access to dark web and closed forums, digital forensics, privacy and legal advice.

We are comfortable in responding to incidents in a variety of structures – typically based on the client, or the severity of the incident. This can include acting as an extension of existing internal capabilities, as an external provider to conduct a post incident review, as the prime to orchestrate and coordinate a wider team, providing a subset of our incident response capabilities such as forensics including expert witness testimony.

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