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Deloitte Discovery

Connect the dots across any scenario and any volume of data

There are enormous volumes of unstructured data in your organisation, and a time will come where you need to locate, collect, preserve and analyse that information to find meaning from within. You can connect the dots with Deloitte Discovery.

In a world of ever evolving digital complexity, dealing with data efficiently and effectively has never been more important. Data can reside in multiple places; from local servers, to mobile devices and in the cloud. The choices you make when collecting your data can mean the difference between preserving vital evidence and inadvertently destroying it.

Evidence Collection, Preservation and Investigations

Securing data in a sound forensic manner is of paramount importance in any investigation in order to ensure evidence integrity.  Whether your investigation relates to employee misconduct, suspected fraud, intellectual property theft or data egress, you do not want poorly collected data to undermine and overturn your findings.

Our experienced team of computer forensic practitioners specialise in collecting the maximum amount of evidence possible in even the most challenging situations. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Covert imaging when discretion is paramount
  • Forensic Triage allowing quick appraisal of large volumes of data
  • Live imaging for bulk collection of forensic images
  • Mobile device collection and interrogation
  • Data preservation from a variety of cloud services
  • Investigation and analysis uniquely tailored to your circumstances
  • Preparation of affidavits or reports on computer forensic analysis findings.

Digital Forensics

Electronic Data Processing

When choosing an Electronic Discovery provider, failing to anticipate the eventual scale of your matter can lead to increased costs and damaging delays. Ensuring that your chosen provider has the necessary expertise and technical strength to support changes in project scale is key to a successful outcome.

The Deloitte Discovery team can provide a range of services to support your needs with a customised approach to suit your situation:

  • Text indexing with advanced optical character recognition
  • Metadata extraction
  • Content de-duplication
  • Keyword searching, filtering and culling
  • Hosting platform loadfile creation and conversion
  • Data recovery.

Document Hosting and Review

A simple non-technical way to review your data provides tangible cost savings with no protracted people training required.  By having access to your aggregated data sources in a single platform, accessible via your own computers and hosted in our secure data centre your review is not bound by geographical borders and is fully scalable to ensure it fits to your timeframe.

Benefits of our review platform include:

  • Available anywhere, anytime via a standard web-browser
  • Secure access using two-factor authentication and encrypted connections
  • Empower end-users with advanced searching functionality
  • Universal document repository (hardcopy and electronic) for efficient management and collaboration
  • Provide controlled access to management, stakeholders, regulators, legal representatives, etc.

Electronic Discovery Services

Forensic Readiness Planning

If you don’t have a formalised policy in place to collect electronic evidence from within your organisation then you will be severely disadvantaged in any regulatory or legal action.  Deadlines are often short when meeting disclosure requests, and fines for breaching such notices are often severe.

A Forensic Readiness Plan can:

  • Reduce lead time to regulatory requests
  • Realise cost savings when responding to urgent requests
  • Maximise available data/data retention etc  for responses.

Forensic Education and Training

Ensure that your internal resources’ technical knowledge remains current to maximise efficiency and limit risks during investigations and legal proceedings.  Our experienced forensic practitioners are able to provide a range of training, from education workshops on key concepts to hands on training sessions:

  • End user training in eDiscovery review tools
  • Forensic techniques for first responders when securing electronic evidence
  • Technical training to develop or enhance in-house capabilities.

Forensic Technology Advisory

If you have business critical data or infrastructure that is accessible via the internet then it is not a question of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’ you will need to respond to an incident.

When dealing with these events response time is critical to ensure business continuity. Proactive installation of detection and logging software will provide the response team with access to a wide variety of data sources which can provide valuable insights and aid the response. Our experienced practitioners can help with:  

  • Intrusion detection and network monitoring
  • Real-time network traffic collection, either wholesale or targeted
  • Log analysis from networking hardware, web servers and internet proxy servers
  • Incident management and investigation
  • Volatile data collection and analysis for malicious software, data decryption, or as an extra evidence source.

Cyber Forensic Response

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