Risk and industry


Risk and industry

Organisations across the public and private sector operate in a world of continuous and unexpected risk. Deloitte’s specialist teams help them all to find the opportunities among the uncertainties.

Organisations across the public and private sector operate in a world of continuous and unexpected risk – the rise of digital disruption, changing business models, new competitors and ever-growing volumes of data.

As a result, time-poor executives spend increasing amounts of time and energy anticipating risks and understanding what these risks mean for their business.

Developing foresight and a capacity to act on emerging risks is challenging, but also offers advantages. The right responses can improve capital, operational, technological and risk management performance, and, ultimately, increase business value.

Deloitte’s specialist teams offer you valuable risk knowledge and expertise so you can find better solutions and make better strategic decisions.

We work closely with you to understand the broader market, as well as your specific industry and organisation, offering insights and perspective on the pivotal risk issues affecting your business.

Consumer and transport organisations are seeking to understand and anticipate changing customer needs and to respond rapidly with relevant products and solutions. In this industry, an organisational strategy and response can face a myriad of risk challenges and opportunities.

Our team offers deep risk expertise across the industry. We help our clients address their risk issues; protecting and enhancing their organisational reputation, revenues and operations.

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Consumer Business and Transport

There are a range of challenges facing Energy and Resources companies as they adapt to a changing regulatory environment, to political, economic and market pressure and to technological development.

Whether our clients extract, refine, trade or retail commodities, we can help them clients realise the worth of an intelligent risk strategy, to protect and create value. 

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Energy and Resources

Financial Services organisations are reassessing their operating models and addressing the effects of regulatory reform, competitive dynamics, evolving markets and increased expectations from stakeholders. In this environment there is a need to understand and plan for risk strategically across an organisation.

Realising the worth of a risk-intelligent strategy can reinforce the need for effective risk-management systems and procedures to help mitigate risks like financial crime and cyber-attacks. We can help our clients build an intelligent risk strategy to address these and other current, looming and future risk through our range of risk Advisory.

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Financial Services

All areas of the Public Sector can face financial, technological, regulatory, and operational risks spanning issues such as budget constraints and accountability, financial reform, human services reform, security and privacy and technology.

We work to help the public sector transform itself, supporting service delivery reform, efficiency, effectiveness and, ultimately, value for money through our range of services.

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Public Sector

Digital, convergence, rapid technological and business model changes, infrastructure and regulatory challenges can create uncertainty for Technology, Media and Telecommunications organisations.

While advising clients on the increasing risks resulting from unprecedented disruption and change, we bring a focus to our work on creating opportunities for growth and deepening customer relationships.

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Technology, Media and Telecommunications

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