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Project risk

Confidence in completion

Independent assurance is the best way to uncover hidden risks and avoid project failure.

Although project success in general is increasing, more than 20 per cent still fail*. This reinforces the need to continuously assess projects against their objectives.

To mitigate against project failure, delays or cost overruns, project sponsors and executives can use independent assurance to help get projects back on track and keep them there.

Deloitte’s project risk team gives you the know-how to independently evaluate projects and provide insights for successful execution.

We prevent project control failures before they occur by taking a continuous assurance approach, using risk-centric predictive analytics and detecting underlying system risks. This boosts business change process management and leads to better outcomes.

Independent of vendors and other third parties, we work with you to:

  • Uncover hidden risks
  • Advise and educate project teams
  • Ensure project accountability and attention to best practices
  • Plan, execute and control projects
  • Protect project investment
  • Reduce risk to ongoing business.

We have the people, the knowledge, the methodologies, the tools and the track record to help you minimise, mitigate, manage and ultimately overcome project risks.

* Gartner Survey - 1 June 2012 ID:G00231952

We offer ongoing independent assurance and detailed project reviews to determine if projects are running are on track to achieve their objectives.

Project risk services
We provide expert project risk consulting services, helping to identify, quantify and mitigate risks on major projects by implementing the right processes and controls.

Project turnaround
Our team provides dedicated project managers or service integrators delivering solutions to turnaround a failing project.

Project assurance services
We offer ongoing independent assurance and detailed project reviews to determine if projects are running are on track to achieve their objectives


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Dealing with Delivered Risk

Projects deliver changes to processes, technology and culture, which can have a significant impact on the risk profile of an organisation. This article describes key considerations for the measurement and mitigation of Delivered Risk.

Dealing with Delivered Risk

Upgrading the desktop environment

Digital disruption continues to reshape the competitive landscape. Organisations are increasingly required to develop rapid cost-efficiencies and technological enhancements in order to stay competitive. This means that projects are becoming ever more characterised by greater uncertainty and the need to show wins within a short timeframe. 




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Upgrading the desktop environment. Shouldn’t this be easy by now?

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Dennis Krallis

Dennis Krallis

Chief Transformation Officer

Dennis Krallis is the Chief Transformation Officer and Managing Partner of Risk Advisory at Deloitte Australia and a member of the firm's National Executive. He joined Deloitte in 1997 in the Enterpri... More

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