Secure whistleblowing - taking the stress out of a high-risk process


Secure whistleblowing

Taking the stress out of a high-risk process

Many Australian companies rely on Deloitte’s confidential whistleblowing reporting service.

This service is based on simple features our clients have shaped over many years - features we know serve them well.

Easy Access for employees, contractors, affiliates, ex-employees or others keen to ‘blow-the-whistle on misconduct. The easiest access (and cheapest service) offers whistleblowers access 24/7 from anywhere in the world via an encrypted online link to a structured report form. A link to the Deloitte service can be loaded on your company website; shared in internal communications or integrated in training. Oral reporting via secure phone lines are also available offering whistleblowers additional comfort and support if required.

Secure and Confidential – Whistleblowers can nominate to remain anonymous. Even those who remain anonymous receive links they can check to update themselves with your subsequent action - keeping them satisfied that they don’t need to whistleblow elsewhere. Personal identifiers are stripped from reports and redacted from documents that may be received ensuring whistleblowers can remain anonymous if they wish to do so, and helping ensure your leaders do not trigger a $200,000 personal fine or a $1M fine for your organisation.

Diligent Trained analysts review all reports promptly. High risk matters are prioritised for you. Easy-to-digest report summaries are loaded in a dashboard for review by your nominated Disclosure Co-ordinator (or HR leader, legal or risk executive).

Practical & Low Effort Our analysts streamline often dense or complicated detail to provide you with actionable insight. We understand the facts required for you to prioritise, investigate and remediate problems reported efficiently. If you want to refer a case to outside legal counsel, law enforcement or regulatory bodies, the facts reported are clear.

Compliance-based Our whistleblowing report-taking process includes workflow and controls that help you ensure report handling is compliant with Australian regulation – lowering your risk of confidentiality breaches, fines and adverse media.

Convenient Whistleblowing dashboards open up into a free case management tool that helps you manage matters systematically and ensure secure control of what may need to become an investigation handling important evidence. Monitoring the treatment of those whistleblowing, as well as those mentioned in reports is also a feature of the case system accessible for your use.

Cost-effective Our service includes a flat sign-on subscription fee with trigger points based on the number of reports you receive. A series of free, valuable support assets are also offered to service subscribers including a whistleblower implementation kit; onboarding guide; training video on use of the tool and updates on your organisation’s risk profile based on your organisation’s report patterns compared to industry trends.

Deloitte Halo clients can:
  • Rely on a trusted global firm delivering sound risk management
  • Access a 24/7, multi-channel and multi-lingual service
  • Use a monitored & cyber-secure portal
  • With a customisable web link that belongs to them
  • Where all whistleblower dialogue is moderated by experts to insulate your managers from regulatory risk
  • Where disclosure reports are   structured for action
  • Accessible from one management dashboard
  • That can be benchmarked with ‘like’ organisations simple.

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