Stakeholder engagement – keys to success


Stakeholder engagement – keys to success

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility training

Building mutually beneficial stakeholder relationships has never been more important for success in business. Effective stakeholder engagement can forestall crises, build social licence to operate and lead to innovative solutions to shared problems.

In this one-day short course, you will understand the megatrends requiring organisations to continually invest in productive, collaborative stakeholder relationships. You will learn how to identify, map and prioritise stakeholders and the issues that bring stakeholders to your doorstep, and acquire practical analytic tools to use in your own organisation.

This workshop is ideal for organisations operating in challenging and complex stakeholder environments – and available as either a public access short course or an in-house workshop. It is suitable for groups or individuals, including senior managers whose work requires effective management of external stakeholders, sustainability, and community relations teams.

What you will learn:

  • The stakeholder principle, and how it is defined in popular CSR frameworks such as GRI, AA1000 and ISO26000
  • How stakeholder relationships build trust, create social capital and improve social performance
  • Best practices in stakeholder engagement with reference to real world case studies
  • The organisational aspects of implementing a successful stakeholder engagement strategy
  • How to prepare an effective stakeholder engagement plan. 

Skills you will develop will include:

  • Identifying, classifying and prioritising stakeholders, and analysing issues
  • Mapping links between issues and stakeholders and using these maps to generate strategies for effective engagement
  • Developing an effective approach to planning stakeholder engagement.

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Past participants say:

“A very practical way to consider stakeholders, their motivations and identify who you need to build relationships with.”

“I have already started work on mapping out a project I am working on with the methodologies I learnt on this course.”

“This workshop gave me a ‘lightbulb’ moment and I have been telling people within my organisation how beneficial I found it.”

24 July 2018,

Course fee $695 plus GST (9am5pm)

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This course is also available as an inhouse course. Please contact Dr Leeora Black for further queries.

Course facilitator

Dr Leeora Black

Dr Leeora Black

Principal, Risk Advisory

Sustainability specialist Dr Leeora Black has 30 years’ experience in helping organisations manage complex social and stakeholder risks. The author of The Social Licence to Operate – Your Management F... More