Strengthening your social licence


Strengthening your social licence to operate through effective stakeholder engagement

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility training

In Sydney for one workshop only!

Facilitated by Canadian social licence global leader, Dr Robert Boutilier, author of Stakeholder Politics, Greenleaf Publishing, 2009, Stakeholder Issues Management, Business Expert Press, 2011, and The Social Licence: The Story of the San Cristobal Mine, Routledge, 2018

Learn what your organisation needs to do to establish and maintain a social licence to operate.

The 'social licence to operate' began as a metaphor to bring attention to the need for companies to earn acceptance from their host communities and societies. Today, it is a necessary management framework for companies in all industries that face rising stakeholder expectations and activism.

The social licence framework takes its users beyond brand and reputation management to relationship and discourse participation. Whether the stakeholders are organized activist groups or neotribes of social media netizens, the principles are the same.

Effective stakeholder engagement builds socio-political alliances and opens channels of communication at level that can produce changes in beliefs and actions, both the company’s and the stakeholder’s. Effective discourse engagement can change not only the mix of stories about the company that circulate online but also the credibility of various stories. Engaging both stakeholders and discourses effectively makes doing business easier.

This one-day international workshop will provide participants with the framework, tools and case studies needed to create a foundation for a solid social licence.

Workshop objectives

You will learn:

  • The evolution of social licence to operate from metaphor to management approach
  • Common approaches to maintaining a social licence to operate through effective stakeholder engagement
  • How to foster accountable leadership among your stakeholders
    Strategies that strengthen the community and your organisation’s place in it
  • Good (and bad) practice case studies from other industries
  • Tactics for managing stakeholders, building trust and improving your company’s social licence.
Workshop Outcomes

This interactive workshop will provide you with practical tools to:

  • Develop engagement strategies based on understanding the dynamics of your stakeholder network
  • Prioritise your stakeholders according to socio-political risk and influence
  • Develop effective stakeholder engagement plans that capitalise on stakeholders’ key issues and willingness to collaborate
  • Understand the connection between issues management and stakeholder engagement to drive productive and enduring relationships that translate into a solid social licence.

31 May 2019,

Course fee $1100 plus GST (9am – 5pm)

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