Deloitte and Anaplan Webinar Series


Deloitte and Anaplan Webinar Series

What if planning could improve both your top and bottom line? Join us in this webinar series hosted by Anaplan every 6 weeks to hear how we can help transform your business with the power of connected planning combined with cognitive capabilities and predictive analytics.

Webinar 4: Gaining Profitability insights for Telcos: Sharing Case Studies and Best Practices

Most telecom operators plan and manage profitability by business unit (BU), brand, operating segment, customer segment, and country/market. However, the real value lies in understanding profitability at a more granular level—by product, service, channel, customer, and a business contract. In this webinar, hosted by Anaplan, featuring Deloitte speakers Amrish Bhatia, Ashwin Ballal, Paul Albert and Piyush Jain, we share our experiences, insights, and case studies with leading telecom operators that have transformed their profitability and cost management with Connected Planning.

Webinar 3: Navigating uncertainty in the banking and capital markets sector

The banking sector is the cornerstone of economic stability and growth. Ensuring operational resilience in challenging times will allow economies to recover and rebound. In this webinar, hosted by Anaplan, featuring Deloitte speakers Mark Arnold, Cheng Yen Chu and Monish Shah, we share why demonstrating agile scenario modeling, up to-daily reforecasting and effective decision-making will be fundamental during this time.

Webinar 2: Feeling the heat? 5 ways to improve sales forecasting

A sound sales forecast is fundamental to operations as it drives all subsequent investments such as headcount, inventory and other operational expenses. Pivoting to more effective methods can mean the difference between maintaining sales and share and losing big. In this webinar, hosted by Anaplan, featuring Deloitte speakers Richard Young and Nick Carter, we explored 5 ways to improve sales forecasting.

Webinar 1: Finance and Supply Chain under uncertainty

The ability to make informed decisions in fast-changing circumstances and to plan for recovery now will enable organizations to set the foundation for sustainable success. In this webinar, hosted by Anaplan, featuring Deloitte speakers John O’Connorand Thierry Lotrian, we explored how companies and supply chains can move beyond crisis response to recovery and post-recovery.

Deloitte has been working alongside our partners to bring forth views that will help businesses navigate these difficult times.

We bring to you a series of blogs from our experts within our firm.

About our alliance

Deloitte's industry-leading solutions, powered by the cloud-based planning software of Anaplan, can help connect your people to your data, enabling you to navigate an ever-changing market so you can make batter informed decisions, drive revenue, and accelerate profitability. Read more here.

About our alliance
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