Managing Digital Workforce


Managing Digital Workforce

Considerations for your automation journey

Our fast-moving economy will reward early adopters of the digital workforce, as opportunities for automation and machine learning are rife for enhancing the way business is conducted. Managing the Digital Workforce reports on Deloitte’s 6-step process for transitioning to a future-proof workforce.

Managing the Digital Workforce reports on Deloitte’s proven 6-step process and principles when transitioning your workforce from entirely human to one integrated with robotic and cognitive automation technologies.

It is important for companies to understand the current scope and purpose of automation (RPA, Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence solution) and how it impacts their organisations. An early engagement with automation technologies will ensure that companies aren’t falling behind competitors, particularly in regards to important learning steps within organisations that are required to manage a digital workforce effectively.

Understanding the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of a digital workforce implementation is key, as it will ensure a successful transition from the initial proof of concept phase to a more digital and automation focused organisation. With a suitable organisational structure and the applications of critical principles, an integrated workforce will yield a more streamlined and high-performance company and reward early movers with a competitive advantage.

Published: October 2017

Managing Digital Workforce
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