Reviving marketing

The New CMO

The future prognosis of the CMO is uncertain, changing and challenging

So much has been written about the prognosis for CMOs, much of it negative. It is our view that their future prognosis is not so bleak, but the role and function needs to evolve at a much faster pace. CMOs need no reminding that they have the shortest average tenure of the key C-suite roles.

CMOs are often struggling to have their voices heard, with many marketing teams now performing more of a tactical function, rather than customer focused organisation-wide strategy. Their influence at the executive level appears to be diminishing in Australia for a number of reasons.

In this first report, in an annual series, we consider what the role of the successful CMO will look like in the near future, what many existing CMOs need to do to reinvigorate their role, and how CMOs can raise the quality of marketing within their organisations.

Published: December 2018

Reviving marketing

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