Improving asset performance in heavy and capital-intensive industries

In response to COVID-19, capital intensive organisations need greater visibility of their extended supply chains to assure their business continuity.

Deloitte’s ASSET practice is focused on driving improved business performance in heavy and capital-intensive industries through:

  • the application of digital technologies to the management of build or upgrade programs
  • digital mapping of complex supply chains to reduce risk and improve performance
  • optimal management of large asset portfolios.

The ASSET team has established these new capabilities in addition to its core skills in the re-design of business to be more effective in asset management.

Intelligent Major Capital Projects

Digital solution maximising operational efficiency in construction

In complex construction environments with multiple stakeholders, project managers face challenges around operational inefficiency, data disparity and deficiency when delivering major capital projects.

This is heightened in a COVID-19 environment where teams work remotely and need instant access to vital information to monitor and manage projects.

Deloitte’s data-centric cloud solution -  Intelligent Major Capital Projects helps clients:

  • improve efficiency and productivity
  • mitigate risks
  • de-risk critical paths
  • optimise project execution
  • protect project value

By utilising our integrated project management capability, clients have seen improvements in risk predictability, schedule, performance optimisation and project value protection. This is the new way in which all major projects should be managed.

Contact: Heidi IsrebLewis Stewart and Steve Porter

Supply Chain Illumination, Risk Assessment and Re-Design

Building supply chain resilience through digital intelligence

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the need for clients to understand their supply chains and manage their supply risk beyond their tier one suppliers to ensure they can meet demand.

Deloitte’s Supply Chain Illumination (SCI) methodology and tools, developed by the ASSET team can:

  • provide visibility of supply chains, making them more transparent across multiple tiers 
  • leverage big data analytics and augmented intelligence to build supplier network maps and identify opportunities and risk exposures 
  • translate illuminated exposures into actionable insights that are specific to our client's industries.
  • provide increased insight for a COVID-19 environment on geographic exposures including, cyber, health security, political stability and supplier network solvency.

Our SCI will strengthen client supply chains by increasing transparency and understanding the detailed risks associated with each supplier, so mitigation actions can be developed.

Contact: Rob SpittleJesse Sherwood and Chris Coldrick

Asset Portfolio optimisation

Capital allocation solutions to thrive through recovery

With increased constraints on capital due to COVID-19, good capital allocation practices are vital and enable organisations to respond effectively and thrive through the recovery.

With our two portfolio optimisation solutions, clients gain a holistic organisational view of their asset spend obligations and options enabling them to make informed capital decisions.

  1. Rapidly aggregate a full picture of capital spend across the organisation into a single platform and covering a multi-year horizon. This provides a portfolio score card that enables strategic prioritisation of projects which can assist decision-makers to accelerate, hold or abandon investment decisions.
  2. For selected capital projects, Deloitte’s capital efficiency approach brings together discipline SME’s to optimise capital efficiency. Our approach considers procurement, delivery approach, engineering decisions and standards, management systems, and value engineering. The result is better allocation of scarce capital to projects and transparency of the committed portfolio through a single tool.

Contact: Heidi IsrebSteve DysonLewis Stewart and Ben Tonges

Intelligent Major Capital Projects

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