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Introduction to Kepner-Tregoe ANZ

Effective Action Begins With Clear Thinking

Software and templates don’t solve problems. People solve problems!

What kind of people? People who are curious, ask great questions, make decisions based on facts, and are empowered to lead. They remain focused under pressure and act confidently to do what needs to be done. For over 60 years, Kepner-Tregoe has empowered thousands of companies to solve millions of problems. If we can save millions for a manufacturer, restore IT service for a stock exchange, and help Apollo 13 get back from space, we can help your business achieve success.

Deloitte may have only recently taken over the Australian and New Zealand License for KT, however its team is made up of highly experienced KT training veterans; one the most experienced teams available globally.

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KT Methodologies 

Problem Solving Methodology

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Project Management Methodology

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Industry Applications

Special programs tailored to suit Financial Services and IT industries

5 Key reasons why organisations adopt Kepner Tregoe processes

  1. Problem Solving Process
    Organizations have processes for almost everything. Surprisingly, most organizations do not have a defined process for solving problems. One of the key reasons for this is, it’s considered to be an intangible process. By making this thinking process visible, we can start managing its quality, we can troubleshoot incisively, and we can make this process measurable and repeatable. That’s the basic principle of the Kepner-Tregoe methodology.
  2. Consistent Results under Pressure
    When trouble hits and the pressure is on, you do not want to leave things to chance or creativity. Only a consistent, high quality process will generate consistent, high-quality results when you are under pressure. For example, we know that a ‘quality problem statement’ will reduce your MTTR by up to 18%. Paying attention to the fundamentals of good troubleshooting is the basis for superior Problem Management.
  3. Scalability
    Research has shown that both the volume and complexity of incidents and problems is increasing at a dramatic rate. This trend is driven by the increasing complexity of technology and new computing models like the cloud. In this new world your technical knowledge will always lack behind, which means you cannot rely on product experience alone. KT provides a “technology-independent” process approach. Because it’s based on critical thinking and logic it is scalable across your entire technology and product portfolio.
  4. Closing the Process Gap
    The KT methodology closes the gap between process and technology, especially in Problem, Incident and Change management. Many companies experience challenges in getting results from their ITIL® processes, primarily, because ITIL does not provide guidance on the “how to”. There is an increasing demand for a practical methodology and KT is by far the strongest in closing the gap between these areas.
  5. Effectiveness and Efficiency
    IT is a cost-center and the pressure is always on to become better, faster and cheaper. In this environment, trial-and-error is a costly approach to problem solving. In a climate of diminishing budgets and shrinking resources, KT creates critical efficiency and effectiveness in the IT environment.

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Special Programs tailored for Manufacturing and Process Industries

Needs we address:

  1. Human Capabilities : Improve Trouble Shooting Skills | Develop Coaching and Facilitation Capabilities | Risk Analysis/ Mitigation
  2. Asset Management : Improve Reliability | Enhance Availability | Reduce Waste | Quality Improvement | Increase OEE
  3. Process Improvement : Corrective Action Program Efficiency | Reducing open investigations | Improve Resolution time | Reliability Systems

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Gerard Wood

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Ishita Terry

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