Operations Transformation


Operations Transformation

Reinventing organisations to thrive beyond COVID-19

Deloitte’s Operations Transformation practice partners with clients to reinvent their organisations to thrive beyond COVID-19.

This is achieved by:

  • redesigning operating models
  • supporting transformation programs
  • implementing cross-industry best practice
  • reducing cost base, while improving delivery of stakeholder outcomes

We are focused on delivering rapid, sustainable and measurable improvements in productivity, profitability and impact, as well as enhancing customer experience in a post-COVID-19 world.

Transformation Program Excellence

Supporting the transition from respond and recover, to thrive

Organisations are having to make changes to protect core operations to ensure survival during the crisis and this is disrupting their transformation agendas.

To prevent loss of momentum and to enable the navigation of ongoing uncertainty effectively and efficiently, we address transformation challenges in the immediate and medium term by:

  • Working with the executive and enterprise PMOs to evaluate the portfolio of programs and projects and support decision-making on which initiatives should stop, start or be adapted.
  • Help run scenario planning sessions to consider the cost of stopping the delivery of a program or project (e.g. loss of SME knowledge and/or momentum) and alternatives.
  • Prepare to reboot the portfolio – rapidly, reshaped and replanned – as the crisis abates, making sure you are match fit.
  • Consider use of a cost-effective nearshore PMO service model.
  • Assist with scenario planning to determine when to make critical choices, depending on how long the crisis lasts (e.g. four weeks, three months, six months)

Contact: Adam Pimperton, Partner


Service delivery optimisation

Rapidly transforming and automating processes for efficiency, productivity and risk mitigation

With an increase in operations teams working remotely, organisations are facing new challenges around demand, productivity and performance.

This has created the need to rapidly transform and automate processes, adopt new ways of working, and ensure appropriate controls are in place to manage risks.

Deloitte’s Process Led Transformation (PLT) methodology helps clients

  • gain transparency into existing process pain points and bottlenecks
  • re-imagine future state processes to achieve better efficiency and productivity
  • mitigate risks through the automation of key processes and controls

This is done in parallel to setting up operational teams with the right management tools, disciplines and operating rhythms to effectively manage remote and fragmented teams.

We rapidly deliver end-to-end automation of hardship processes, enabled by digital customer application capture and automation of backend processes - processing lengthy work backlogs in days.

Contact: Ajay Yadav, Partner, Sheila Pringle, Partner and Raj Das, Director

Cost out and strategic cost transformation

Transformation strategies to build foundations for performance and business growth

With market volatility and the economic downturn, many clients are having to reduce costs and radically review their business models to ensure survival, stability and to create long-term liquidity.

Transformation is vital in this environment and our range of strategies help clients prepare and manage continuity and set the foundation for growth and performance. Key strategies include:

  • Save-to-turnaround (respond) Proprietary tools and frameworks will provide instant insights to create stability and lay the foundation for future transformations.

    Priority cost levers: Liquidity & Cost

  • Save-to-transform (thrive) Combining deep cost transformation experience with industry subject matter experts (SMEs) will reposition businesses to be prepared for future adversity and take advantage of current uncertainty to better execute ‘save-to-turnaround’ activities.

    Priority cost levers: Growth, Technology & Cost

Contact: Tony O’Donnell, Partner.

Key contact

David Cecil

David Cecil

Lead Partner, Operations Transformation

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