Realising Value from Scenario Testing


Realising Value from Scenario Testing

Getting the most out of stress and scenario testing? How does your organisation stack up?

Stress testing has long been the domain of banks but is increasingly a focus for insurers, super funds and other financial institutions.  From “thinking the unthinkable” of what could possibly go wrong; to “bringing scenarios to life” and rehearsing your organisation’s response, the whole exercise of stress and scenario testing contains numerous value adding opportunities that are there to be realised with the proper planning and design.  Stress and scenario testing can be a vehicle for enriching the risk culture, enhancing your organisation’s understanding of risk exposure and improving risk management 

Is your organisation getting the most of out of stress and scenario testing?  How do you take it to beyond being just another compliance exercise?  Register to find out more about what we mean by stress and scenario testing and how we think organisations should be using it to their advantage.

Realising value through stress testing
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