Accelerated Transformation Framework


Accelerated Transformation

Continuous transformation in an age of disruption

With the increasing pace of disruption, organisations require a sustainable approach to transformation that enables them to remain competitive in a future of uncertainty. Deloitte’s Accelerated Transformation methodology provides a proven framework to successfully navigate organisational transformation.

We understand transformations are complex and the associated challenges with realising the intended outcomes. The increasing pace of disruption means our clients want an approach to transformation that allows them to accelerate time to value, and thereby provide increased confidence of likely success.

We believe that transformation needs to adapt continuously to shifts in the market and operating conditions, and evolve the way business is conducted to deliver sustainable value.

Through our extensive experience of supporting our clients execute transformation, we have identified 5 key elements to achieving results in a compressed timeframe.

Our diagnostic tool allows for a quick maturity assessment of your organisation’s transformation capabilities, with the following being some of the key questions:

Accelerated Transformation Framework

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Accelerated Transformation – A faster way to create sustainable value

With the increasing pace of disruption, organisations require a sustainable approach to transformation that enables them to accelerate time to value in a future of uncertainty.

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Jeremy Drumm

Jeremy Drumm

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Dan Ogilvie

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