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Deloitte Analytics

Asset management

Deloitte’s asset management and business planning analytics team in Australia help businesses develop strategies that identify where to best deploy resources.

Deloitte Analytics is a global leader in managing and optimising company assets. Our business planning analytics can help you develop the marketing and operational strategies you need to identify where to best deploy resources and build a business case for new initiatives, acquisitions or divestments.

Specifically, our team analyses your inventory and forecasts your needs, then optimises asset maintenance, which can lead to significant cost savings.

Our analysis covers:

  • Stock on hand
  • Inefficiencies
  • Burning working capital
  • Quantifying stock loss by value, volume, geography and other measures
  • Identifying and profiling catchments
  • Investigating inventory shrinkage
  • Analysing mergers and acquisitions – identifying and quantifying synergies
  • Modelling residual value
  • Optimising call centre management
  • Optimising inventory and logistics.