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Become an intuitive enterprise: sense and shape markets

​Today's digital and mobile devices provide unprecedented access to information, products and services across a variety of digital channels. Businesses need to create a seamless brand experience, projecting their brand clearly across the many touch points, channels and devices their customers use.

They also need to leverage analytics and the wealth of data available in and around the business to sense and shape market opportunities ahead of their competition. Such a digital strategy is an important step toward becoming an intuitive enterprise.

However, many organisations execute digital transformation through stand-alone initiatives—often developed in silos across the organisation – that hinder their ability to deliver a consistent omni-channel customer experience and leverage data analytics. Such organisations may be reactionary to customer needs, or responsive at best. An enterprise approach to digital strategy, on the other hand, can help create a seamless customer or stakeholder experience that supports the organisation’s brand, regardless of touch point, channel, or device. It also fosters the transparency and agility necessary to make informed decisions for quick response to rapid market changes. These are the characteristics of an intuitive enterprise, as it senses and shapes markets to continuously redefine the digital frontier.

Monitor Deloitte

How we can help

Monitor Deloitte, working in an integrated way with specialists from Deloitte Digital, helps executives understand, envision and articulate digital as a business strategy and implement it across the enterprise. Deloitte was recently named a global Kennedy Vanguard Leader in Digital Strategy Consulting, based on capabilities.

About our services

Our services span across capability areas and customer engagement channels to support our clients drive their digital transformation agenda.

Develop and deliver your organisation’s digital agenda.

  • Develop and deliver your organisation’s digital agenda — working with executives to frame your organisation’s digital agenda that clearly articulates the enterprise digital aspirations and priorities.
  • Create focused digital strategies – employing our configurable architecture for strategy development Strategy by Design™ but refocused on enterprise digital capabilities, we lead executive teams through a rigorous, tailored process that focuses on framing the critical choices they must make and delivering the insights they need to commit to their digital strategy.
  • Establishing transformational programs to deliver new digital capability. Determining which digital capabilities and how best to configure these is the starting point for establishing a digital transformation. 

Bottom-line benefits

  • Ensuring that your digital ambition is aligned with your corporate ambition to increase the return on potential digital investments
  • Connecting and analysing market data for new insights to drive growth through new digital channels, or through new digital business models
  • Infusing products and services with digitally enabled features to transform and improve the customer experience and increase product or service value
  • Enabling a digital sales force that can lead to high-impact selling experiences and offer new channels for low-touch transactions
  • Engaging customers across traditional and digital channels with a consistent brand to improve return on marketing investment
  • Leveraging digital channels and tools for efficient, low-cost service that enriches the overall customer experience
  • Breaking down silos and empowering the organisation to deliver an omni-channel brand experience.

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Jeremy Drumm

Jeremy Drumm

Lead Partner, Strategy, Growth & Transformation

Jeremy is the Lead Partner for Monitor Deloitte in Australia, the firm’s strategy consulting practice. His primary market focus is in the communications, infrastructure, and life science sectors where... More