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Finance Consulting

Interpret and deliver insights that can shape smarter decision-making

Deloitte’s financial consulting team works with CFOs to gather, interpret, and deliver insights that shape timely and smart decisions.

No matter how inspirational your company’s purpose, how skilled your people or how innovative your products and services, business success still hinges on the ability to gain financial and non-financial insights to equip your business leaders to make the best decisions.

With economic uncertainty, organisational change and process complexities, finance professionals need to change how they support and enable the business whilst also delivering continuous efficiencies across the back office.

Our services

The Deloitte Finance Consulting team is an Asia Pacific team, and support clients across the region. The team can assist with both how your Finance function supports the delivery of the company’s strategy and improving the Finance function itself through:

  • Finance transformation
    We work with CFOs to ensure alignment with the company’s strategy and develop a vision, strategy and execution for Finance. Transformation of Finance typically includes a broader range of enabling services and we have a team that is capable of working across the key enabling functions of a company to deliver an integrated transformation.
  • Finance and back office operations
    A solid, well-run finance operation is fundamental to ensuring that finance delivers its 'ticket to play' services as well as a platform to provide more strategic and advisory support to the businesses. We have a team of qualified practitioners with extensive industry experience. We provide pragmatic improvements that stick and avoid seeing Finance as a collection of processes. We work with companies to understand how best the team could be configured, how future finance roles will evolve and how technology capabilities can be used to enhance service (and reduce cost).
  • Enterprise performance management
    Understanding where value is created in a business is critical and this is the basis of how we approach enterprise performance management. We work with companies to develop integrated reporting for all levels of the organisation. We also bring the experience of implementing planning and forecasting platforms to ensure recommendations are realistic and that they can be effectively supported from the different sources of data across the organisation.
  • Digital finance
    With rapid disruption from technology and new business models, Finance teams are being pushed to think, act and respond to business needs in a different way. We have recognised this by investing in training of our people to work with our core enterprise applications team to provide design, implementation and operate services for planning, budgeting and forecasting platforms as well as ERP capabilities in Workday, Oracle and SAP.

As the only dedicated finance transformation team in Australia who can combine strategic advice and experience in technology enabled transformation, we work as a single integrated team with CFOs to grow and support businesses. Drawing on our engineering, commercial and finance expertise, the goal of the team is to enhance the relevance of CFOs as they embrace new and emerging capabilities, powered by new technology.

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Digital Finance

The finance function is changing. With rapid disruption from technology and new business models, Finance is being pushed to think, act and respond to business needs in a different way. Digital Finance will enable businesses to meet this challenge by shaping the finance ecosystem of the future.

Chief Financial Officer

Deloitte's CFO Program harnesses the breadth of our capabilities to deliver forward-thinking perspectives and fresh insights to help CFOs manage the complexities of their role, drive more value in their organisation, and adapt to the changing strategic shifts in the market.

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Paul Wensor

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