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Stakeholder expectations for growth and profitability have increased while the global business environment grows more complex and fluid. In this environment, the influence and agenda of marketing executives have expanded, yet their organisational context has not fully caught up—they often have only indirect input on many of the critical customer and market-related decisions businesses need to make.

​How we can help

Monitor Deloitte works with executives to deliver organisational growth through customer and marketing anchored strategies and transformational change. Our services center on transformational strategies that address the opportunities organisation’s have in new markets, attracting or growing in new segments, and delivering new or focused products / services. 

Monitor Deloitte

About our services

  • Solutions with a focus on competitive advantage. While industry benchmarks are useful, differentiation often comes from outside of industry practices and trends. Next-in-class capabilities and strategies are imperative to unlock growth and leadership. We combine this focus with industry and functional depth to bring distinctive, yet practical, insight to our engagements.
  • Deep empathy for the consumer. We have spent decades building an understanding of what drives consumer behavior and its implications for organisations. Success with new and blurring channels and new consumers requires a ruthless focus on understanding the drivers of consumer behavior.
  • Proprietary, cutting-edge methodologies. Our methods help clients achieve step changes in their growth rates and at the same time are transparent, teachable, and intuitive. And our consulting style engages client teams, uncovers and addresses internal barriers to growth, transfers knowledge, and leaves a sustainable impact on growth.
  • A bias for building capabilities. Sustainable organic growth is rooted in stronger marketing and customer-engagement capabilities. Our engagements are designed to build enduring marketing capabilities, including “traditional” capabilities like global brand strategy and customer insights as well as capabilities like multichannel management (digital, social, and mobile) and effective use of advanced analytics to inform decision making and marketing operations.

Bottom-line benefits

We help our clients develop:

  • Growth rate improvements of 1.5 to 2 times baseline.
  • Customer loyalty and retention rate improvements of 1.5 to 2 times baseline.
  • Improvements in marketing and customer-service spending effectiveness.
  • Earnings per share growth through marketing actions associated with transformation strategies.

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Jeremy Drumm

Jeremy Drumm

Lead Partner, Strategy, Growth & Transformation

Jeremy is the Lead Partner for Monitor Deloitte in Australia, the firm’s strategy consulting practice. His primary market focus is in the communications, infrastructure, and life science sectors where... More

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