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Spatial Design and Brand Strategy

Deloitte helps our clients see things through the eyes of their customer; providing them with seamless physical and digital experiences.

Integrating physical and digital spaces with consistent brand values through different customer touchpoints is a vital part of the marketing mix in our digital reality.

Deloitte's report Navigating the New Digital Divide research shows that 40% of store visits are influenced by digital; and when consumers use digital devices to research, find and compare products – before, during and after shopping in-store – it boosts average conversion rates by 25%. In addition, 21% of respondents say they buy more. 

Optimising our clients’ assets using design thinking across retail spaces, branches and outlets, websites, mobile apps, social media, pop up shops, workplaces, virtual reality and location based services is integral to creating great experiences that impact the bottom line.

Deloitte's experience designers know that every positive engagement helps convert customers into brand loyalists and advocates. Our designers create smart environments that harness the influence of digital, focus on the touchpoints that matter to customers and help brands navigate the new retail experience – online and in-store.

They understand the integral role digital plays in every element of the in-store shopping experience and work to adapt environments to this multi-dimensional landscape, thus improving the way customers engage. They create more holistic and purpose-led brand engagements. 

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Steven Hallam

Steven Hallam

Lead Partner, Enterprise Technology & Performance

Steve leads the Enterprise Technology & Performance team and the Technology & Innovation agenda for Deloitte Consulting in Australia. He focuses on creating innovative, sustainable strategies for his ... More