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Strategic procurement

At Deloitte Analytics, we understand how managing input costs efficiently is critical for a healthy bottom line.

At Deloitte Analytics, we understand that efficiently managing input costs is critical for a healthy bottom line.

Our team takes a multifaceted approach to strategic procurement, which includes:

  • Analysing supplier spend to find cost savings
  • Identifying collusion between suppliers and buyers or employees
  • Identifying ghost suppliers, duplicate suppliers, supplier overpayments, inappropriate administrator access and altered payee arrangements
  • Recovering overpayments to suppliers and the ATO, such as GST
  • Reviewing agreed terms and conditions compliance with services such as utilities (power, gas and electricity).

We also specialise in strategic procurement services such as:

  • Identifying economies of scale by consolidating purchasing
  • Optimising relationships with suppliers
  • Minimising the risks of fraud and conflicts of interest.

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Chris Noble

Chris Noble

Partner, Financial Advisory

Chris leads the National Deloitte Forensic Practice in Australia. Chris has over 20 years’ experience in responsive and advisory forensic solutions for issues such as money laundering, sanctions, frau... More