Venture Growth    

Unlock the next horizon of growth with confidence

Venture Growth enables large enterprises to respond to disruption and innovate faster, cheaper and with greater confidence than ever before. Find out more about how Venture Growth can help you sustainably launch and scale new businesses and embed a repeatable innovation capability in your organisation.

Organisations can choose to either shape or be controlled by the next wave of disruption

Across each of the sectors we service, our clients are experiencing declines in their core business, driven by changing consumer behaviours, increased interconnectivity and rapid advancements in technology. To address this, organisation’s are exploring innovation to unlock new growth. However, responses can often be:

  • Knee-jerk reactions to new competition
  • Limited by the core business mindset and structures
  • Deliver fragmented solutions with no path to commercialisation

Organisations need to create a sustainable venture engine to keep evolving, access new ecosystem spaces, experiment quickly, build cheaply, partner with leading capabilities and plug into an organisation’s core for scale.

Venture Growth

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How Deloitte can help

We are focused on partnering with our clients to deliver breakthrough ventures. The Venture Growth offering is comprised of three key components:

Strategy – Prioritising a set of ecosystem opportunity spaces promising the greatest potential for new growth and defining the optimal models (process, structures and roles) for new ventures to thrive

Execution – Designing, building and scaling breakthrough ventures and solutions that engage customers, have a clear business rationale and are differentiated in market

Capability – Defining and embedding the venture capabilities into a clients core through co-delivery and dedicated learning modules. We share our toolkit, methodologies and alliances to ensure clients are equipped to succeed after we leave

Each component is valuable to an organisation in its own right, but it’s the combination of all three that creates a sustainable and efficient venture engine.

Key contacts

Craig Hutchinson

Craig Hutchinson

Director, Monitor Deloitte, Consulting

Craig is a Director in the Monitor Deloitte practice and leads Monitor Deloitte’s Venture Growth offering, helping large enterprises respond to disruption and unlock the next horizon of growth more ef... More

Jeremy Drumm

Jeremy Drumm

Lead Partner, Strategy, Growth & Transformation

Jeremy is the Lead Partner for Monitor Deloitte in Australia, the firm’s strategy consulting practice. His primary market focus is in the communications, infrastructure, and life science sectors where... More

Yann Pastor

Yann Pastor

Partner, Monitor Deloitte

Yann is a Partner in Monitor Deloitte's Strategy Practice, in Deloitte Consulting, in Brisbane. He is a specialist in customer strategy and innovation, working in consumer and public sector. With a ba... More