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Corporate Tax Playbook - 19 May 2022

Tax insights

Deloitte Tax has collaborated with Thomson Reuters to publish a 2021-22 Corporate Tax Playbook, which outlines the top eight corporate tax matters taxpayers should keep in mind as they prepare for the income tax year. You'll read about:

  • The potential tax implications of COVID related grants, support payments and expenditure
  • The key considerations when choosing to carry-back losses in the 2021-22 income year
  • Eligibility considerations and guidance on the Temporary Full Expensing measure
  • Changes to the research and development tax incentive
  • The proposed 120% deduction for relevant training and technology expenditure
  • The ATO’s expectations around tax governance
  • What’s on the ATO’s radar in terms of tax administration matters; and
  • The ATO’s digitisation strategy and a data driven approach to tax.

Corporate tax playbook 2021-22

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