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April 2020

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Deloitte COVID-19 Tax & Financial Measures: Stay informed through timely global updates

Governments around the world have rapidly mobilised to support businesses and individuals as they work together to mitigate the economic impacts of COVID-19. Measures vary considerably country-to-country. They include the deferrals of tax payments and filings, new tax relief laws and incentives, and administrative simplifications.

Deloitte is offering two free digital resources which can help you keep informed through timely updates on COVID-19 globally:

  • Daily email alerts called Signal Topic Alerts on COVID-19 tax measures announced by governments and discussed in the world’s media and the Weekly Topic Alert Digest.
  • A reference microsite COVID-19 Tax & Financial Measures in its proprietary Tax Atlas application which provides summaries of the measures.

These resources help you keep track of tax and fiscal measures introduced around the world and review the measures by country.

Subscribe to Signal COVID-19 Topic Alerts and/or register to access Tax Atlas COVID-19 microsite.

Global Indirect Tax News
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